Linklist for Shagya Arabian related websites:
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Denmark: DSAH - Afdelingen for Shagya-, Anglo- og Sportsarabere:
International: ISG - Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft:
Austria: ÖAZV - Österreichischer Araber Zuchtverband:
France: AFCAS - l'Association Francaise du Cheval Arabe-Shagya:
Germany: ZSAA - Zuchtverband für Sportpferde Arabischer Abstammung:
Germany: VZAP - Verband der Züchter und Freunde des Arabischen Pferdes:
Hungary: MALE - Magyarorszagi Arablotenyesztok Egyesulete:
Israel: ISAHS - Israeli Shagya Arabian Horse Society: 
North America: NASS - North American Shagya-Arabian Society:
North America: PShR - Performance Shagya-Arabian Registry:
Norway: NAHF's Shagya avdeling:
Slovakia: AKS - Arabske kone Slovenska -
South Africa: Ahssa - The Arab Horse Society of South Africa:
Sweden: SShF - Svenska Shagya-arabforeningen:
Switzerland: SAVS - Shagya Araberverband Schweiz:
Other clubs / societies NOT approved by the ISG:
USA: ASAV/Shagya Reigstry:  
: Shagya Araber Supporters: "Shagya Araber Förderverein":
State studfarms:
"ESSA", European State Stud Assembly:  
, Hungary:  
, Slovakia:  
, Romania:  
, Bulgaria: 
"Janow Podlaski", Poland:   
"State Stud of Mezöhegyes"
, Hungary: 
, Poland:  
, Poland:  
"About The Crabbet Arabians"
, England:  
"Kladrub nad Labem"
, Check. Rep.:  
General Shagya information sites:

The "Shagya Database" - pedigrees for Shagyas worldwide:

"Dokumentationszentrum für Altösterreichische Pferderassen" - about the horses and the stud farms in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy:

Websites about the famous endurance ride from Vienna to Berlin (Austrian Cavalry on Hungarian bred horses) and from Berlin to Vienna (German Cavalry on German bred horses):
- Extracts of the book "The Arab Horse" by Spencer Borden, published in 1906. Chapter 1, from page 4 and on...  
- Article from New York Times, October 6th 1892:  
- The Book "Distanz-Ritt Berlin-Wien im Jahr 1892" by  E. von Naundorff from 1893:

 "New-Moon", Shagya studfarm: 
"A1-Shagya", Shagya studfarm: 
"Al Shama", Shagya studfarm:  
"Altgstettenmühl", Shagya studfarm:  
"Bukra Arabians"; Shagya studfarm: 
"Hof Dobegg", Shagya studfarm:     
"Hof Gisi", Shagya studfarm: 
"Family Hemmer", Shagya studfarm: 
"Franz Jahn", Shagya studfarm:   
"Franz Zahler", Shagya Araber:  
"Heid Arabians", studfarm with Shagyas and other Arabians:  
"Herbert Nitsch", Shagya site:  
"Hoppenberger", Shagya studfarm:
"Meindl Zucht", Shagya studfarm: 
"Mirkhan", Shagya and PBA studfarm:  
"Rogowiecki", Shagya studfarm:  
"Rosner", Shagya studfarm: 
"Schuettenbacherhof", Shagya studfarm:
"Schröttelhof", Shagya studfarm: 
"Sonnreith", Shagya site:  
Classic Art of Riding by Natascha Howanietz - Shagyas and Lipizzans in Austria at:ür-die-klassische-reitkunst/shagya-araber/
"Bucefal Endurance Stable", Shagya and Purebred Arabian studfarm: 
"Booth Creek Ranch", Shagya studfarm:
"Moe's River Shagyas", Shagya studfarm: 
Czech Republic:

"Fan Klub Shagya":  
"Shagya Zborovice":
Shagya farm "Čikvásky":
"Dvur Shagya", Studfarm:
"Eques"; Shagyas & Partbreds: 
Shagya studfarm: 
Shagya stallion "Al Tahir Bin Salim":  
Shagya Site: 
Shagya Site:
Shagya Site:  
Shagya Site:    
Shagya Site:
Shagya Site: 
Shagya Studfarm:
"Hrebcin Jenikov", Shagya Arabian stud farm at   
"Hrebcin Viklan Kadov", Shagya Arabians and Shetland Ponies: 
Denik arabky Kassey at  
"Konirna Tetetice", Shagya studfarm: 
"Pasecky shagya arab": 
Shagya Studfarm: 
Site about Shagya Arabians and endurance riding at  
Site about Shagya Arabians at 

Photopage incl. photos of Shagya shows by Ivana Pánkova:

Haras Irlanda, breeding Shagya Arabians, TB, AA and PbA:  
"Butterhill", Shagya and Anglo Arabian Studfarm:  
"Davidson Arabians" Purebred Arabian Studfarm with a couple of PbA stallions licensed for ShA breeding:
"Dyrehaven" Shagya Studfarm (Breeder of my Carmen):   
"Hoberg's" Shagya  and Partbred Arabian Studfarm: 
"Maxbo's site" - Shagya horses + misc.:
"Karenagaarden" Shagya and Anglo Arabian Studfarm: 
"Kirk Arabians" Purebred Arabian Studfarm with the stallion Zonyx OX licensed for ShA breeding:
Lene Moellgaard: 
"Richelieu Arabians", Shagya and Purebred Arabians:  
"Stald Ejs", Shagya Arabians and Warmbloods:   
"Team Shagya", site about the breed and endurance riding:  
"Tingbakke", Shagya and Partbred Arabian Studfarm:  
"Al Janna Arabians", Shagya studfarm: 
"Aiguebonne", Shagya studfarm:  
"Les Shagyas de Blignys", Shagya studfarm: 
"L'écurie Bulgarie"; Shagya studfarm: 
"Buxton", Shagya studfarm: 
"La ferme du Cavallon", Shagya studfarm:  
"Les Shagyas de la Cave aux Fées": 
"Centre Equestre", Shagya studfarm:  
"Elevage des Charmes", Shagya studfarm:  
"Le Haras Des Cournalières", Shagya studfarm: 
"Haras de Cré", Shagya studfarm: 
"La Haras de la Crouziere", Shayga studfarm:
"Elevage des Dolines", Shagya studfarm:  
"Dress'Shagya", club promoting the Shagya also as versatile dressage horses:  
"Les Écuries al Djanna", Shagya & Purebred Arabians: 
"Les Ecuries al Ryad", Shagya studfarm:  
"Le Haras d'Epona:   
"La Ferme Equestre du Shagya", Shagya farm: 
"Ferme Equestre de Traclin", Shayga farm:   
"La Haras des Griottes", Shagya studfarm: 
"L'élevage de Gardaine", Shagya studfarm: 
"Haras des Hussards"; Shagya site: 
"Indigo de Crouz", approved Shagya stallion:  
"Elevage de Kebevoa", Shagya studfarm:  
"La Haras du Launay", Shagya studfarm and endurance center:  
"Lélevage de Luriecq", Shagya studfarm:  
"Chevaux des Mouchis", Shagya studfarm:  
"L'élevage des Neiges":
"Léva Nève", Shagya farm:   
"Shagyas", Shagya farm:   
"L'élevage Les Occitans", Shagya farm:   
"L'elevage La Palud", Shagya farm:  
"L'elevage du Rieussec", Shagya farm:   
"Elevage Shagyas"; blog about Shagya Arabians: 
"L'elevage de la Tave", Shagya farm:  
Shagya site: 
Zoe Woods' "Race Rare riding farm" - Shagyas and Cleveland Bays:    

Shagya site "Ingrid Zeunert":  

"Shagya Araber Advar a.o.":  
"Shagya Zucht Alia"; Shagya studfarm: 
"Gestüt am Ried", Shagyas and Classic Dressage:  
"AR - Akademische Reitkunst"; Classic Dressage with Shagyas: 
"Ausbildungszentrum Anton Baumann" - featuring 1 approved Shagya Arabian stallion:
"Arabergestüt Antaris", Shagya studfarm:  
"Arabergestüt Rhön", Shagya studfarm:  
"Araberhof Neulögow", Shagya & Purebred Arabians:  
"Araberhof Ursprung", Shagya & other Arabians:  
"Bavaria-Arabians", Shagya studfarm: 
"Bungenstock", Shagya studfarm: 
"Am Burgberg", Shagya studfarm: or 
"Burgsolms", Shagya (and other Arabians) studfarm:  
"Conradshof", Shagya studfarm: 
" D. +  L.  Wögler", Shagya studfarm: 
"Dr. Bechheim" ("Reichshof") studfarm with Partbreds: 
"Eichenhof", Shagya studfarm:   
"Gestüt El Sharif"; Shagya studfarm:  
"Elzbachtal", Shagya studfarm:    
"Gut Eppenstatt", Shagya sales horses: 
"Gut Ludwigsburg", studfarm:    
"Shagyaaraber-Gahna", shagya studfarm:  
"Gestüt an der Hainleite", Shagya and Anglo studfarm:  
"Hadban", Shagya mare:  
"Hawkstone-Stable", Shagya & Purebred Arabians:  
"Hispano Araber Hof Robertz", Shagya Arabians and P.R.E.: 
"Home of Nashra", Shagya mare: 
"Hof am Wiesengrund", Shagya studfarm: 
"Shagya-Araber Hofstetter, Shagya studfarm: 
"Im Holte", Shagya studfarm:  
"Im Weidig", Shagya studfarm:
"Ismer Stud", Shagyas and Purebred Arabians: 
"Itzbacher Hof", Shagya studfarm:   
"Katrin Märkle", Therapeutisches Reiten with one Shagya Arabian mare:
"Klein & Schmidt", Shagya studfarm:  
"Shagya Araber Krenn", Shagya studfarm:  
"Kroni & Co.", Shagya site: or
"Familie Manthey", Hispanoaraber:  
"Mühlen", Shagya studfarm: 
"Shagya-Araber-Gestüt Muzulman (Mr. Stoischek)", Shagya studfarm: or
"Neuenbrook"; Shagya studfarm:  
Shagya studfarm "Gut Schröttelhof":  
"Potempa"; Training & Stud farm: 
"Ausbildungsstall Radant", Shagya stallions:  
"Shagyahof Rahnsdorf", Shagya studfarm:  
"Ravenwood-Arabians"; Shagya studfarm: 
"Reitstall Mühlenhof", Shagya Arabians and Classical Dressage:  
"Rothenbruch", Shagya studfarm: http://www.gestü  
"Araber in Rüthnick", Shagya studfarm:  
"Salomon", Shagya Arabian stallion:   
"Samarra Shagya Arab Stud"; Shagya studfarm: 
"Sax Arabians", Purebred Arabians with stallions licensed for Shagya breeding: 
"Family Schiffner", Shagya studfarm:  
Schmidtkonz's Shagyasite: 
"Seewiesenhof", Shagya studfarm: 
"Shagya-Araber-Hof Goma", Shagya studfarm:   
"Shagya Gestüt Bodensee", Shagya studfarm:  
"Shagyazucht am Raiffeisenturm"; Shagya studfarm:  
"SindaArabians", Shagya studfarm: 
"SK Arabians", Studfarm:  
"Sonnenhausen", Shagya studfarm:
"Starthof", Shagya studfarm: 
"Arabian horses of Stubben":  
"Stutensee", Shagya studfarm: 
"Shagyaaraber bei Wohlbier": 
"Shagyas & Friends":   
"Therapeutisches Reiten", Shagya studfarm: 
"WR-Sportaraber", Shagya and Anglo Arabians:  
"Wührden", Shagya studfarm: 
"Zur Almeaue", Shagya studfarm:  

Shagya Stallion "Apollon-Shagya":  
Shagya Stallion "Basyl" (Germany/France):  
Shagya Stallion "Bartholdy":  

"Arabische Pferde im Saarland" - Presentation of members with Shagya relations: 

Photos of Arabian horses - incl. Shagya Arabians - at various events:  

"Amazon Arabians"; Shagya studfarm:  
"Babolna Arab", Shagya studfarm:  
"General Insped", Shagya endurance racing and breeding stable:  
"Gidrangyurus", Gidran studfarm with some Shagya Arabians: 
"Kapcsolat"; Shagya studfarm: 
"Pajo International", Shagya studfarm and trainingsstable:  
"Pataki Ménes", Shagya studfarm:  
"Pelsonius", Shagya- and PBA studfarm:  
"Rencsár Ménes" - Shagya studfarm:  
"Toth Horses"; Shagyas & Endurance riding: 
"Myrtle Lodge", Shagya studfarm:
Allevamento Delle Rive, Shagya Studfarm:   
Site with -as far as I understand the language - Shagya Arabians for sale:  
Another site with Sagya Arabians, Arabians and Akhal-Tekes for sale:  
The Netherlands:
"Stal Cherokee" - riding stable with one Shagya Arabian mare:
Presentation of the breeding stallion "Zodiac B":
"Araber active" - about Shagyas, PBAs and Anglo Arabians:  
Wenche Antonsen's Shagya horses:  
"PRE-Arab", Shagya Studfarm:
"Shagyanor", Shagya Studfarm:  
"Åsheim Ridning", infos about Shagyas and Classical Riding:
"Sharif", training stable:  
"Equus Silvania", trainig stable, endurance riding, stud farm, guided trailriding etc. with various breeds, incl. Shagya Arabianss:   
Shagya site:    
"Farma Gireth" - Endurance stable and Studfarm with Shagyas and Purebred Arabians:   
 Breeding stallions, Shagya Arabians & Other:
"Sandviksgard", Shagya stud farm:   
"C-Shagya Arabians":  
"Grythult", Shagyas and Welsh ponies:    
"Familien Jomfeldts Shagyas":    
"Koppartorps Gaard":
"Stall LWR HB", Shagya site:  
"Sälgaarden", Shagya stud farm: 
"Snowball S" - approved Shagya stallion: 
Shagya site: Alfred Zingg Engineering:  
Shagya Info page:
"Amor Shagya Stud": 
Shagya Stud "Hof Dobegg":  
Shagya site "Kandahar": 
Shagya site "Team Erni":  
Shagya site about Shagya Arabians and Siam cats:  
"The Tibsis", Shagya Arabians & endurance riding:  
Veronika Münger, endurance rider and Shagya Arabian enthusiast:  
"Veyron Endurance", 1 Shagya Arabian competing in Endurance: 

Shagya Stallion "Bahadur":

"Adele's Shagyas", Shagya studfarm:  
"Amara Farms" home of Shagya stallion "Oman":  
"Darlene Steven" - Shagyas for sale: 
"Hawkview Ranch", Shagya farm: 
"Northeast Shagyas", Shagya studfarm:  
"Oak Knoll Sporthorses: 
"Sterling Shagya Sporthorses", Shagya studfarm:  
"Stoneridge Shagya Arabians", Shagya studfarm:   
"Sun Arabs", Shagya studfarm: 
"Wine Glass Farm", Shagya and partbred studfarm:  

The Shagya Arabian gelding "Skamp" and his preparations for participating in the Tevis Endurance ride:

Shagya site/portal owned by Marc Helfer, USA: