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April 2014: 

It's taking a while, but I am still planning to do a new website once I get the time for it.
Hopefully it will be in the fall of this year :-)
Until then, I have included the Shagya Linklist here on this site, which I will try to keep updated on a regularly basis.
Also I have included a list of links to interesting Akita sites, so you can learn about this wonderful dog breed as well.
And finally I have created a link list with interesting links about horses in general.

So please, enjoy your reading :-)


Once created, the new website will be about me, and about horses and dogs:

My horses, and my favourite horse breed - The Shagya Arabian
and my favourite dog breed - The Japanese Akita


You can contact me through lene@moellgaard.dk if you have comments or questions.


Thanks for visiting, and please come back and check the updates!

Lene Moellgaard




New links added to the Shagya linklist, and to the Horsey links page.
Again - thanks for the support to Aurelie & Sabine.

New links added to all 3 link pages. Shagya Arabians in the Netherlands. Interesting view on vaccination of dogs. And some sites about horse science. 
Enjoy the reading :-)

New page added with links to some interesting Akita sites, and dog sites in general.

The linklist has been updated with new Shagya links - as always a big thank you to Aurelie and Sabine for their support!